Sunday, June 05, 2011

SavvyLiving!™ with Marcinho Savant: BEN MICHALSKI

Tired of being ripped off by unscrupulous contractors who willingly take advantage of your inexperience?
Need to know how to achieve LUXE looks with limited funds?

Hungry to meet a phenomenal, intelligent and interesting person with volumes of life on which to speak!?
Join us this afternoon on "savvyLiving!™ with Marcinho Savant": With Master Contractor and polymath,  BEN MICHALSKI!!!!

Note:  Our host, due to last-minute technical audio difficulties, ended up hosting the show from a smartphone, instead of the show's Switchboard.  We apologize for the inconsistant audio.

Thank you for your understanding.  As the saying goes: "The show MUST go on!"

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Openly Gay Fashion Model /Activist, RONNIE KROELL, Grants Exclusive In-depth, 2 HOUR, Radio Interview Sunday

Kroell confirms Q&A on “savvyliving™ with Marcinho Savant”

Some people think models are stupid and shallow.  Playing hard against the stereotype is American model Ronnie Kroell of Bravo television and Playgirl Magazine fame.  He will speak with Gay Wedding celebrityguru and lifestyle expert, Marcinho Savant, this Sunday afternoon, May 22, 2011 at 3:30 (ET)/12:30 (PT).  
Kroell, the “Make me a Supermodel” fan favorite, philanthropist and public speaker has also made a video with his partner, Taylor Proffitt, for the “It Gets Better” project. Kroell spent two entire hours with Savant and his listeners.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

SavvyLiving!™ with Marcinho Savant : Vocalist JOHN De MARCO!

A voice of halcyon technical freedom and youthful tonality, from Festivals, orchestral concerts and an award-winning recording... JOHN De MARCO is HERE!!!!!

An extraordinary singer with a remarkable and stunning clarity and intent, John De Marco is a singer's singer! His connection to storytelling is nearly unmatched and his ability to move listeners to an entirely different level is marvelous!

Vocal recording artist, John De Marco, was a lead singer for the "Folies Bergère" in Paris for many years, and followed the show to Las Vegas for two years. His inimitable crooning style labeled him "The Voice That Wishes You Love" by Walter Winchell.

De Marco sang in the top cabaret rooms in the 60's and 70's: The Bonsoir, Sniffen Court Inn, Living Room, Upstairs of the Downstairs, Trude Hellers, Bal Tabarin, African Room, The Rio Grande, Page Two, The Big Black Cat, Village Gate, Crazy Horse Cafe, Copa Cabana Lounge and lead singer with The Copa Girls, Chicago's Black Orchid, Boom Boom Room in Miami and many others.

I'm delighted to welcome him to the show! Do be sure to join us! ♥ If you missed the show, the player is below:

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Welcome To The Show!


SEPTEMBER 12, 2005 - The deal fell through so now, for the time being, I am a host without a home. It was an inspiring experience for me and I am sad that it did not continue as was promised to me. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks again to all you folks around the world who made it so worthwhile! We'll find each other in the universe again. Blessed Be!

NOVEMBER 18, 2004 - The show has been picked up and is slated to return within a few weeks, if not sooner, according to network management. Following the last broadcast (Prof. Dale Carpenter), guests for the weeks following have been postponed pending rescheduling. Thank you for your understanding. My most sincere apologies to each and every guest and to our listeners as well.

HOWEVER, Fear NOT!! Especially Listeners, Cathy in KS, Eddie In NY, Kerry in Australia, Jean-Pierre in Montreal, Jeff in FL, Dean in GA and Charlie In NJ and Carol in NJ...negotiations are underway for a new incarnation ASAP, on an exciting network. I promise to keep you all posted.

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE for updates as they become available!! A network has been chosen and negotiations are being finalized with the goal of a launch ASAP!!! Phenomenal! Please check back often for updates! I suggest once per week.

In the interim you can send IM's
to "queernationshow" on AOL
or e-mail to: (this e-addy is expected to change upon completion of negotiations), so please send an e-mail to be added to our network change notification list! I am SOOOO excited!!!!! I KNOW you will be too!

Boycott For Equality

Monday, September 27, 2004

Past and Pending Guest Listing

PATRICIA BARBER: Internationally acclaimed Jazz Vocalist and Pianist, John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, Blue Note Records and Premonition Records artist * JASON STUART: Actor/Stand-Up Comedian - Will & Grace, The Drew Carey Show, Charmed, Providence, and many others--- on his new film and mainstream media projects, tour and more * CATHERINE GRAY: Filmmaker of PBS documentary "I Can't Marry You", hosted by Betty Degeneres * ADAM JOSEPH: The 22 year old hottness of the GLBTI music scene (I MEANT his TALENT!!! Really astounding!) on Jah Records * JEANIE BRYSON: International Jazz Vocalist/Recording Artist on Koch Jazz and Telarc Jazz * HALCYON ("not just another feminine product!"): These ladies are traveling the world with their hard, solid tunes and tight harmonies! * DR. J.T. SEARS, Ph.D.: Queer Historian, Harvard Prof., Fulbright Scholar, Author * JEFF ROBERSON -AKA- VARLA JEAN MERMAN: Drag Superstar, Broadway Performer * Disco Diva PAMALA STANLEY "Coming out of Hiding"* Prof. DALE CARPENTER: Constitutional Scholar on opposing the Federal Marriage Act (FMA)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Theron Mc Griff - Friday, October 1st

THERON Mc GRIFF and is partner, Nick Case, join me to discuss how the Idaho Supreme Court has taken custody of his children away. His ex-wife, in-laws and even his parents play pivotal roles in this heartbreaking story. Join us on "Queer Nation" to find out more. The couple have rejected all other invitations of the media since the most recent decision. They have consented to join me on the show. Join us! If you're not outraged, then you're not paying attention! (EXCLUSIVE)

Catherine Gray - Monday October 4th

Catherine Gray

Join us with the producer/director of "I Can't Marry You". This PBS documentary, narrated by Betty Degeneres, chronicles the lives of several GLBT couples making their way through the same-sex marriage maelstrom.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

HALCYON - Tuesday October 5th

These ladies are an amazing combination of all things music! Their tight and astounding harmonies and lyrics have propelled these GLBT artists to the heights of music of the gay community and have been rocketing them into the mainstream crossover arena!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Dr. James T. Sears - Wednesday October 6th

Dr. James T. Sears, Ph. D.

Educator, author, scholar, and lecturer, Dr. Sears has been interviewed for such media outlets as The Wall Street Journal, Parade Magazine, Time, ABC Nightly News, the Associated Press, U.S. News and World Report, New York Times, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, and Newsday, national gay publications such as The Advocate and Out magazines, and talk shows such as Oprah Winfrey and This is America with Dennis Wholey.

Patricia Barber - Thursday October 7th

Patricia Barber

A Blue Note recording artist, pianist-vocalist Patricia Barber has forged a brilliant career as both a chic/smart interpreter of songs and a songwriter who pens witty and gorgeous numbers. She inhabits a rarified career stratum with just a few jazz artists who combine artistic sophistication and critical acclaim with concert and recording success.

Prof. Dale Carpenter - Friday October 8th

Dale Carpenter

Professor Dale Carpenter (University of Minnesota) teaches in the areas of constitutional law, sexual orientation and the law, and commercial law. His current research interests include same-sex harassment and the First Amendment.


Jason Stuart

As an actor, recently guested on the new medical drama House, directed by Bryan Singer (X-MEN) and is best know for his recurring role on the ABC sitcom My Wife & Kids starring Damon Wayans, playing a gay shrink. This is ground breaking television. Jason has been seen all over television guest starring on the Emmy winning Will & Grace twice! Strong Medicine with Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement), Providence on NBC opposite Melina Kanaredes , The Drew Carey Show on ABC with his old pal Drew and Kathy Kinny, Charmed with Shannon Doherty, Murder, She Wrote with Angela Landsbury and even and Sunset Beat with George Clooney.


Adam Joseph

Jah Records Artist Adam Joseph is the living proof that the pop voice of the century is, perhaps, among us already. His hit tune "How I Seem To Be" is a track that I simply cannot hear often enough. This 22 year old Berklee Grad has it ALL---the voice, the interpretive skill and much more. I am a vocal coach and have UTMOST respect for his talent! Do not miss this show!

Varla Jean Merman - TBA

aka-Varla Jean Merman

Jeffery Roberson (Varla Jean Merman) recently shared the 2003 Outfest Film Festival "Best Actor" Award and the Aspen HBO Film Festival "Best Actress" Award for his featured performance as Varla in GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS (Sundance 2003) directed by Richard Day and to be released nationwide this October. Jeffery also made his network television debut this past February on ABC's All My Children in the recurring role of lady of the evening Rosemary Chicken.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Pamala Stanley

An official DISCO DIVA and pop singer, Pamala has been touring since the 1980’s. She has been seen singing with some of the most recognized names in music: Bette Midler, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole, and Frank Sinatra just to name a few. Known internationally, she has done shows in Europe, South America, Mexico, and The Far East. She was a favorite on the hit Canadian show Michele Jasmin’s Talk Show and Pop Express. You might remember Pamala doing “Dance Fever” or one of several prime time TV specials. She also did various nationally televised parades, including Foley’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Fort Lauderdale’s “Winterfest” boat parade, which won her best entertainer two years in a row, as well as opening an LA Rams/New Orleans Saints game with the national Anthem.


Jeanie Bryson

Jeanie Bryson is an extraordinary singer - uniquely talented, assuredly poised and blessed with an unmistakably original voice that is smooth, hypnotic and exciting. Her singing reveals a rich musical and cultural diversity which reflects her musical upbringing.
Jeanie is the daughter of songwriter Connie Bryson and the late jazz giant Dizzy Gillespie. She has inherited a strong sense of lyric and storytelling in music from her mother whose songs Jeanie often performs. Possessing a natural affinity for Latin American music, she learned a great deal from studying her father's rhythmic sensibilities. Such a communicator and the inspiration for much romance wherever her voice is heard. LOVE her!