Thursday, September 23, 2004


Pamala Stanley

An official DISCO DIVA and pop singer, Pamala has been touring since the 1980’s. She has been seen singing with some of the most recognized names in music: Bette Midler, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole, and Frank Sinatra just to name a few. Known internationally, she has done shows in Europe, South America, Mexico, and The Far East. She was a favorite on the hit Canadian show Michele Jasmin’s Talk Show and Pop Express. You might remember Pamala doing “Dance Fever” or one of several prime time TV specials. She also did various nationally televised parades, including Foley’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Fort Lauderdale’s “Winterfest” boat parade, which won her best entertainer two years in a row, as well as opening an LA Rams/New Orleans Saints game with the national Anthem.


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