Monday, September 27, 2004

Past and Pending Guest Listing

PATRICIA BARBER: Internationally acclaimed Jazz Vocalist and Pianist, John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, Blue Note Records and Premonition Records artist * JASON STUART: Actor/Stand-Up Comedian - Will & Grace, The Drew Carey Show, Charmed, Providence, and many others--- on his new film and mainstream media projects, tour and more * CATHERINE GRAY: Filmmaker of PBS documentary "I Can't Marry You", hosted by Betty Degeneres * ADAM JOSEPH: The 22 year old hottness of the GLBTI music scene (I MEANT his TALENT!!! Really astounding!) on Jah Records * JEANIE BRYSON: International Jazz Vocalist/Recording Artist on Koch Jazz and Telarc Jazz * HALCYON ("not just another feminine product!"): These ladies are traveling the world with their hard, solid tunes and tight harmonies! * DR. J.T. SEARS, Ph.D.: Queer Historian, Harvard Prof., Fulbright Scholar, Author * JEFF ROBERSON -AKA- VARLA JEAN MERMAN: Drag Superstar, Broadway Performer * Disco Diva PAMALA STANLEY "Coming out of Hiding"* Prof. DALE CARPENTER: Constitutional Scholar on opposing the Federal Marriage Act (FMA)


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